Singapore Photographers Awards 2019

Closing date: 05 Sep 2018, 23:59 hours

The main aim of this competition is to select the best images to represent Singapore for the coming World Photographic Cup 2019 (WPC 2019).

There are 6 categories in which you can enter and only the top 3 images of each categories (18 images in all) will represent Singapore for the WPC 2019 to be held in (To be announced.

This competition is open to photographers and enthusiasts who are Singaporeans or Singapore PR.

Singapore finalists will be presented with trophies and certificates and their images represent Singapore for the WPC 2019 to be held in Drammen, Norway, on April,8, 2019. The dates and venue will be announced in November 2019.

This is a good opportunity for both photographers and enthusiasts to pit their skills and achieve this prestigious award where many photographers around the world vie for this title.

This competition is brought to you by Singapore Photographic and Digital Imaging Trade Association (SPDA), a non-profit organisation which started more than 60 years ago. For more information of SPDA, please visit

The closing date for the SGP Awards 2019 Final is :

5th September 2018 2359 hours.

The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. A Governing Committee has been created to conduct the ongoing affairs of the competition, also supported by UAPP (United Asian Professional Photography) and AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers).

Today, there are 33 countries who are participating in the WPC 2019.

For a more detailed information of The WPC 2019, please visit

There are 6 categories in which you can enter.

            •            Portrait

            •            Wedding

            •           Commercial (including advertising, architecture, industrial, fashion)

            •           Illustrative/Digital art

            •           Reportage / Photojournalism (**)

            •           Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) (**)

(**) For this category the content of the image must not be altered. Only retouching which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. Only single-frame images will be accepted. Composite and multiple exposure images will not be accepted. The jury is the ultimate arbiter.

The top 3 images of each category in the SGP Awards 2019 finalists will be presented with trophies and certificates and their images will represent Singapore for the WPC 2019. Images who scored 86 points and above will also be presented with “Awards of Excellence” certificates.

The SGP Awards ceremony will be held in Singapore. The date and venue will be announced in October.

All winners will be notified via email.


The prizes for the WPC 2019 Singapore Finals are: (to be updated)

Cathay Photo

Established in 1959, Cathay Photo has come a long way since to become one of the largest retailer and distributor of photographic equipment in Singapore today. We are constantly on a lookout for the latest gadgets to add to our growing product line-up of more than 60 internationally renowned brands, be it digital imaging equipment and solutions, studio lighting equipment of HD video cameras and accessories. With our traditional values of honesty and integrity, and a team of knowledgeable staff always ready to assist, you know you can count on us for a service with a difference.

Kim Tian Colour Centre


The mission of SPDA is to help its members run their business efficiently, add value to their business and improve their corporate image to consumers.

They strive to grow the Photographic and Digital Imaging Industry by

focusing on the needs of  the industry and encourage members promote

professionalism in the industry.

For more information, please visit

A brief Summary of WPC 2019 Awards

Individual awards

            •           Digital Certificates will be given to all the individual team members

            •           Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second     

                      and third highest score images in each category (score compiled by

                     computed results).

Team awards

            •           For purposes of computing team scores , points are given out to each

                    country. All finalists ( the top 10 photographers on each category), get

                    points from 10 (the golden medalist) to 1 (tenth place).

            •           Certificates for the best TEAM entries in each category will be awarded

                    (each team member receiving a certificate).

            •           Trophies will be awarded to the second and third place teams (based

                    on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).

            •           The World Photographic Cup will be awarded to the national team

                     which receives the highest score (based on aggregate score of top ten

                     placement in all categories).

For more information of the WPC 2019 awards and judging, please visit


All entries must conformed to the Rules and Guidelines below.

Failure to comply may result in disqualification and there will be no reimbursement of payment.

All entry/entries must be original work. of the entrants.

Entries must be within 36 months from date of entry deadline.

Images submitted must be:

            -           A minimum of 4,000 pixels on the longest side

            -           Format: maximum-quality JPEG, to be under 16 megabytes

            -           Embedded profile: sRGB, Adobe 98 or Greyscale

Images produced from photography workshop and seminars are not permitted.

Entrants agree that entered image may be used at the discretion of the organiser and Singapore Photographers Awards in any of their printed materials, publications or electronic media (with the entrant’s name)

By entering, the photographer acknowledged that employer, client and or subject have copyright release giving permission for the image to be published or exhibited in connection with these awards and that he/she is the author of the work.

All images submitted will receive their scores and all winners will be notified via email.

Once an image is entered, it cannot be entered again IN ANY FORM in the competition, whether in the current year or in any subsequent year.

The images must be anonymous and in the case of images pertinent to advertising campaigns, they must not contain any text or graphic elements, which were not part of the original exposure. Images containing text will be immediately disqualified.

The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entertained. The jury is the ultimate arbiter.

The top 3 images in each category will be selected to represent Singapore in the SGP Awards 2019. If there is a tie, the image with the best creation score with be selected and /or a second judging will be conducted.

Entry Fees:

Early Bird : $10 per image submission by 15th August 2018.

From 16th August 2018: $15 per image submission.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.

Deadline for all entries is 5th September 2018 2359 hours.

Meet the Judges

Billy Mork


I Billy Mork - The founder of IMMAGINI - Black-and-White Fine Art Photography Lab & Gallery an art director working in the international advertising company in late 70s to be med of 80s, over ten years in concept design experience. Than turned Photographer after graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in US in 1987. In Brook's, major in Black-and-White Photography and graduated a ...

Chai Kok Leong


Chai Kok Leong, A Wedding and Portrait Photographer who runs Demomentz Studio, is a professional member of the Wedding Portrait Photographers Asia (WPPAsia) and also a qualified member of The Master Photographers Assocication (MPA) of United Kingdom since 2010. Kok Leong was appointed as the ambassador by WPPAsia since 2011. Kok Leong has won himself numerous awards from MPA Far East competitio ...

Danny Tan


Danny Tan (known as Danny Xeero) has started falling in love with photography when he is studying in the University of South Australia The creative director of Danny Xeero Landscape & Travel photography & currently AMAZING Group Project Manager & Artist. His severe colour blindness has given him a unique colour approach in his photography.  Listed as 1 of the top 100 Travel ...

James Tan


James is one of the top printmakers in the Far East, being highly sought after by international artists and photographers. His other clienteles include Government organizations, MNCs, Art Galleries, Camera brands like Leica, Canon, etc.. Starting out in 2002 as an apprentice in a commercial photography studio, James quickly rose through the ranks to be formally promoted to a full fledge commerc ...

Jobayer Hossain Shuvo


Meet the story teller.. Jobayer Hossain Shuvo, is a wedding photographer and entrepreneur from Bangladesh. He has been in this field for 5 years. He is an engineer by education and self taught photographer who is inspired by busting life around him. He is the founder of Dream Weaver Wedding Photography & Cinematography in BANGLADESH. The company has been assigned in more than 5600+ wedd ...

Matthew Tan


20 over years of photography has given Matthew the experience to combine techniques and moments together. Matthew's forte is in the art of posing and lighting and creating fine art in a fun and creative photos for his clients. Matthew loves to photograph families, telling their stories of strong family bond by personifying their heartfelt emotions. Matthew has won more than 90 nationa ...

Simon Cheong


Simmon's fascination with photography when he bought his first camera (dslr) in 2009 for spotting aircrafts around airport perimeter. Simmon is from Melaka, he will drive to KL airport from as early as 6 am back home at 7pm. Watching aircrafts taking-off and landing never make him bored. Simmon had spent countless of hours experimenting with various photography styles for his creative art work ...

Tan Eng Howe


Eng Howe is a commercial portrait photographer based in Singapore. He has been shooting professionally for more than 20 years ago and has worked with a huge variety of subjects. His experience & unique vision has earned him Master Photographer status. His works are often characterized by his vivid imagination & intimate reference to his subject’s personality. He is also passionate ab ...